Our services include:

direct mail

Today’s global marketplace has brought dramatic changes in the way business is conducted. New technologies, new methods of communication, and new ways of doing business have altered the way consumers connect with brands, products and services.

database management

Direct mail marketers today expect higher response rates and more accurate identification of target audiences. Once a database has been developed, proper management of this key company resource is critical to future campaigns.

order processing and fulfillment

Once your mailing has been delivered, the true measure of a campaign’s success is the response. Whether your objectives are immediate sales or simple lead generation, the cornerstone of a successful marketing program is efficient order processing and accurate fulfillment.

rebates and redemptions

A rebate is an amount paid by way of reduction, return, or refund on what has already been paid or contributed. It is a type of sales promotion marketers use primarily as incentives or supplements to product sales.

print and production

Print and production management are value-added services for Arleen Smith Marketing, Inc. clients. We can print or obtain a wide variety of direct marketing materials, including business stationery and forms or direct mail components such as envelopes and brochures.

list brokers

Arleen Smith Marketing, Inc is a recognized list broker. We can obtain almost any list that a client may need as part of a direct marketing campaign.