Rebate Management Programs and Redemption Services

Want to increase sales with a rebate marketing program but don't have the resources to ensure success?

Rebate marketing programs and mail-in offers are proven strategies for increasing sales and an invaluable tool for collecting customer and market data. The success of a rebate marketing program is heavily dependent upon having a well-managed rebate fulfillment service.

With an outsourced rebate marketing program from Arleen Smith Marketing, Inc. you will save time and money while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. We make your rebate marketing program successful by managing all aspects of the program and providing a cost-effective product and rebate fulfillment service.

Our services include:

  • Complete management of mail associated with program
  • Verify rebate coupons and/or orders
  • Store, warehouse and ship your rebate offer, if it is a physical and not electronic rebate
  • Manage all aspects of the rebate management program from data entry and accounting to customer service
  • Provide customer and market data via customized reports
  • And more …

Contact us today to learn how our rebate management programs can be customized to your specific needs to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

Our flexible rebate and redemption services are completely customizable to meet your business requirements. Whether your promotional program needs basic services or a complete system for "Rebates from Start to Finish", we provide excellent service and 100% accountability for the completeness and accuracy of your program. With our rebate and redemption services, you can be assured that your program will be properly handled in a professional manner.

About Arleen Smith Marketing, Inc

Arleen Smith Marketing, Inc. (ASM) was founded in 1991 as a full spectrum, single- source provider of marketing services. We have several decades of experience working with financial services, high-tech, consumer goods and business to business companies. Our focus has always been on delivering the highest levels of service and attention to client needs, with an absolute commitment to customer satisfaction.


Rebate and Redemption Services from Arleen Smith Marketing, Inc